2014/08/01 :: New Schindler Award Will Open Registration on August 1

Global Schindler Award – Competition 2015

For the inaugural 2014/2015 Global Schindler Award competition, students are asked to present original design concepts that engage the specific spatial conditions of Shenzhen, China, in response to a defined task.

Shenzhen is a symbol for the power of rapid urban change, shaped over mere decades by the flow of people, goods and ideas. Through a comparative and collaborative approach, the 2014 competition helps students to contribute ideas for the Shenzhen of the future, while participating in thinking about some of the most urgent issues many societies face today.

The Global Schindler Award competition is open for entry by enrolled students: Bachelors degree candidates in their final year and Masters degree candidates, along with their international equivalents in the fields of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design and planning.

For more information please see the following websites:


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