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Trojan Horses
A Rattle Bag from the “Cybernetics: Art, Design, Mathematics—A Meta-Disciplinary Conversation” post-conference workshop.

compiled and edited by
Ranulph Glanville
Mick Ashby | Thomas Fischer
Christiane M Herr | Michael Hohl
Aartje Hulstein | Louis H Kauffman
Claudia Westermann

With many others contributing to the ‘play’ chapter 4 laid-out and edited by Aartje Hulstein and me.

Aartje’s and my thanks go to:

Graham Barnes, Jocelyn Chapman and Laura Ehmann, Marianne Ertl, Ranulph Glanville, Ernst von Glasersfeld (†), Phillip Guddemi, Christiane M Herr, Alfred Inselberg, Louis H Kauffman, Allenna Leonard, Judy Lombardi, CJ Maupin, Albert Mueller, Karl H Mueller, Joy Murray, Paul Pangaro, Larry Richards, Bernard Scott, Stuart A Umpleby

edition echoraum | Wien

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2 Responses to Trojan Horses Published

  1. Larry Richards says:

    How can we get a copy?

    • Dear Larry, am sorry, currently the book is not yet distributed apparently. It should come up soon on the echoraum website, and should also become available through the German amazon website. Ranulph is also attempting to find a reasonable solution for everyone who has contributed to our chapter 4. Unfortunately, this is all I can tell you at the moment – less than I wished. Best, Claudia

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