Myths of Complexity | pre-print version

There is a pre-print version available now of my text Myths of Complexity  written for and published in Design Ecologies, Volume 1 Issue 2November 2011.

You can find it here: Claudia Westermann, Myths of Complexity (pre-print version). The manuscript of the presentation at the AA that is mentioned at the end of the article is also available on this blog: Leaves of Architecture (Excerpt) : : Re-Initiation.


Abstract of the Article

The article takes up a dialogue that was initiated in the first issue of Design Ecologies, evolving in relation to questions of design within a context of concepts of complexity. As the first part of the article shows, this process of taking up a dialogue – through reading and writing – can be considered a question of design. This is elaborated alongside de Certeau’s concepts of `tactics’ and `strategies’. Further, in relation to questions emerging from the previous issue of the Design Ecologies journal, the article addresses the notion of complexity through the conceptual lens of poiēsis. It leads complexity to the borders of language.


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