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I realized yesterday that, astonishingly enough, there are still some MUZARC CD-ROMs available from several online music dealers. MUZARC was the first CD-ROM on the German experimental music label selektion (see MUZARC intro at selektion).

It was published back in 1999. So, it is a bit more than 12 years old now. However, if you are an enthusiastic media archaeologist with an old Win 95/98 or Mac OS9 still somewhere running, you’ll might enjoy this work that collected pieces on music and architecture and presents an architecture on its own.

The whole MUZARC project originated in a seminar — led by Achim Wollscheid — at the University of Karlsruhe’s Architecture department. At some point in time, MUZARC made it into the course materials of Shannon Mattern’s Sound & Space seminar at the New School in New York (this is an interesting collection of materials by the way!).

Back in 1999, I was responsible for some of the works collected on the CD-ROM, as well as responsible for the navigation and cover design of the CD-ROM. LITRA’s blue room project is published on it.


Places to buy MUZARC from (let me know when you find some others):




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