Shaun Murray launching ENIAtype Master Class in London

Complementary classes in Architectural Design, led by Shaun Murray

During the last six years Eniatype has been designing learning experiences for students and industry in international institutions of architecture and design. We have recognized in our ever-changing environment people will need a different type of education where they can pick up a more dynamic, richer skill set that goes beyond the traditional craft. So, after years of acquiring experience and knowhow, always in close collaboration with the best agencies around the world, we launch the first Eniatype Master Class in January 2012.

The three-day Master Class is an engaging and provoking experience designed to complement your existing course of study and boost knowledge and understanding of how environments change societies and participants behaviour. The Master Class also explores how architecture practices need to change to stay creative and competitive in an increasingly digitized world.

The idea is to guide students to a deeper understanding of the complex ecologies in architecture by creating a collaborative environment for the participants to share experiences, and then be fuelled on by the expertise of guest speakers at biannual symposiums, with the goal to challenge existing ways of thinking and working.

With the rise of complex societies, people are increasingly shaped by multi-tasking and interruptions and continuous streams of incoming information. Through this shift, we think it’s possible for us to work with these changes and to change how we design in accordingly multivalent ways.

Ecological Design Visions
February 11-13 – London, UK
February 25-27 – London, UK

Notational Design Visions
March 10-12 – London, UK
March 24-26 – London, UK

Instructional Design Visions
April 14-16 – London, UK
April 28-30 – London, UK

Aesthetical Design Visions

May 19-21 – London, UK
June 16-18 – London, UK

The Introductory fee for each three-day Master Class is £300.

For additional information see:, and/or the Master Class brief in a PDF-format: 2012-ENIAtype-MasterClass-Brief.

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