2012/02/29 : : deadline call for articles : : Design Ecologies 2.1

Design Ecologies 1.2 was just published, including an article written by me (see earlier post). Here is the call for the next issue:

Design Ecologies 2.1: the ill defined niche explores the possible shared territory between doubt and value of designing and the consequences of designing between maker and tool. The ill defined niche begins with the provisional premise that our environment is composed of a multiplicity of ill-defined ecological niches, each of which is a potential home for living and non-living forms.

Through an understanding that objects cannot be fully explained in terms of their material constituents and the energy within them, objects seems to be something over and above the material components that make it up, but at the same time it can be expressed only through the organization of matter and energy. This paradox allows burgeoning design practices to go beyond shaping geometry, to shaping the internal structure of material. But in that case, what is the connection between the empirical ground, the contingent material support of human thinking, and the abstract ‘designer’ that is the condition for a ‘whole’ of thought?

for the complete call please refer to: Design Ecologies call at Intellect

see also: the PDF of the call

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