Launch of Design Ecologies 1.2 | Royal College of Art, London : : Nov. 25 – 17:00


Design Ecologies 1.2 The Unprimed Canvas
17:00 Journal launch and drinks

Issue includes: Timothy Morton | Yorgos Loizos | Benedict Singleton | Kjell Ynvge Petersen | Claudia Westermann | Mathew Emmett | and others





Shaun Murray


Timothy Morton, Freak Show Ecology: What Is the Difference between a Duck?, The University of California, Davis

Ecological Design vision

Yorgos Loizos, Olympia: Alchemical designs of spatial decadence

Notational Design Vision

Kjell Yngve Petersen, Staging listening ecologies, IT University of Copenhagen

Instructional Design Vision

Benedict Singleton, Subtle empires: On craft and being crafty, University of Northumbria

Aesthetical Design Vision

Claudia Westermann, Myths of complexity, Laboratory for Inhabitable Theories and Research in Architecture

Case Study

Mathew Emmett, Bunker auscultation: A classification system for a proto-method of sensory space composition, Estranged Space

Project Profiles

Michael Dean, The Watcher’s House: A seasonal residence for the National Trust warden of Blakeney Point, North Norfolk, UK

Anne Carina Völkel, Revealing mask of metabolic personality

Weitoa Li, Territories beyond the dunes: A classification system for a proto-method of construction

Tim Thornton, Gardening (about a blog)

Kevin Green, A Pleasure Garden: The City and The City

Wei-Chung Chuo, The auto-distraction space: A house for an automotive enthusiast underneath the Westway, West London

Elizabeth Anne Williams, The paradox of the boundary: A condition of territory amongst the mud of the Mississippi

There is a symposium and an exhibition starting at 12:00 introducing into the theme of Design Ecologies 2.1 – the ill defined niche | to register go here. It is free:


P.S. Dec. 31, 2011: The journal issue is online now. You might get access to it through your university library, if not, the printed copy is cheaper in any case —

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