A Quick Update :: Upcoming Texts

The proof for my “Resonances of the Unknown” text with Kybernetes journal (Emerald) was sent out back to the publisher today. It is thus close to be published. It links Gotthard Günther’s research on Non-Aristolean logic to Paul Valéry’s “Eupalinos” and reflects on options for a discourse of design.

The text for Design Ecologies (Intellect) is entitled now “Myths of Complexity“. It takes up a dialogue that was initiated in the first issue of the journal, by inviting to a journey from de Certeau to a concept of poiesis as it was conceived by Plato and Aristotle respectively. The next journal issue is entitled The Unprimed Canvas like the symposium at the Architectural Association (AA) at which I made a presentation in February.  I wrote about it previously here. I heard that Timothy Morton is going to write the overarching conceptual article for this next issue.

Someone at Intellect has found the time to put up the Editorial Board details for the new upcoming journal Ubiquity. So, it is official now! It’s going to be a fun project.


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