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I am happy to post the following call for the ASC “Listening” conference, which is going to take place in┬áRichmond, Indiana, 11 to 13 August 2011. Last year’s conference was an experience hardly to forget.┬áThe conference is highly recommended for everyone who has always wondered or taken an interest in a 2nd order approach to life.

The review that I wrote last year is available online at Leonardo, and also here: http://www.litra-design.com/texts/review-cybernetics.html

See also last year’s conference website for further information at:


Conference on the theme of “Listening” promoted by the American Society for Cybernetics, August 2011


The American Society for Cybernetics is pleased to make a second announcement of our conference, to be held in Richmond, Indiana, 11 to 13 August 2011, focussing on the theme of Listening. We take listening to be a metaphor for attentively attending to others, to understand their intentions and wishes in the most generous manner. We hold that listening is the key to conversation, making conversation possible in the first place while also providing the mind set in which conversation can succeed, including (for instance) generosity towards others and non-judgmental, without which we just impost our own ideas and understandings of our conversational partners. We use both the terms listening and conversation in ways expanded from their original, aural forms.

The conference is based in holding conversations in small groups around given themes. These conversations are reported back to all groups in plenary sessions. There are possibilities to present papers in a number of ways. We are currently building a list of workshops and performances, which will be posted on the conference web site: http://www.asc-cybernetics.org/2011/.

There will be evening events some of which will be preplanned, but many of which will arise as a result of conference conversations. Our aim is to be responsive to possibilities. We are also offering pre-ad post-conferences, which are without fee for those attending the main conference. The pre-conference will be concerned with a discussion arising from the recent cybernetics of cybernetics competition recently sponsored by the ASC. The post conference will provide an opportunity to study selected papers by Heinz von Foerster (whose centenary we are studying) and Ernst von Glasersfeld (who died shortly after addressing our conference last year).

A number of very distinguished people with major international reputations have already expressed a wish to attend.

There is a second early bird rate which holds until 7 July. We ask those who wish to attend to register and then make a statement of interest (which allows us to assemble toe conference booklet very fast).


Ranulph Glanville
Conference Co-chair, ASC President

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