2011/07/22 : : paper deadline : : Design Ecologies 1.2

There is a call for papers for the next issue of Design Ecologies. I publish the call here together with a bit of introductory text from Issue No. 1.1, taken from Shaun Murray’s introduction.

The journal Design Ecologies is also related to the symposium The Unprimed Canvas: Burgeoning fields in practice that took place on February 04, 2011 at the Architectural Association (AA). I have posted another entry related to this symposium in which I took part. It gives the links to the video recordings of the symposium, which could serve as an introduction.

Design Ecologies has the potential to become a far-reaching awareness that crucially bonds ecological, notational, instructional and aesthetical design visions; together they form the acronym ENIA. Still in its nascent stages, it has yet to be entirely defined. As a pragmatic essential meld of multiple disparate sensibilities, this journal endeavours to rethink the relationship of practising through context, design and communication. Under such a single umbrella influence, a sophisticated ecological view of communication is reified.

The overall aim of the journal is to profoundly redefine and reshape how the methodologies of communication between research and practice and the environment affect each other. Through a careful restructuring of the professions that influence architectural environments, this declaration is certainly possible. As of now, the limitations in design thinking on various non-integrated professions have spoilt much of the environment.

Design Ecologies Issue No. 1.1 is available as free download from Intellect

Design Ecologies – Issue 1.2 – The Unprimed Canvas

Call for Papers

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